1. Mischievous Pets
    26 Aug, 2016
    Mischievous Pets
    and the #1 trick
  2. The Blessing Business
    22 Sep, 2016
    The Blessing Business
    and how you're boss
  3. When God Talks
    15 Sep, 2016
    When God Talks
    I will listen
  4. Teenagers
    10 Sep, 2016
    and how they hurt me
  5. Black Bean Soup
    25 Aug, 2016
    Black Bean Soup
    in a hurry
  6. Good Food is for Dancing
    18 Aug, 2016
    Good Food is for Dancing
    I have a new habit.
  7. Africa
    14 Aug, 2016
    travel, kids, and orange dust
  8. Color Cravings
    15 Jun, 2016
    Color Cravings
    one rule for healthier meals
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with all those plates up in the air!)
​​I've never been much of a princess person,
​if you line up  the Disney squad in front of me, I couldn't tell you who's who. Sorry if I lured you to my site under false pretense. ​​No fairy dust here...
Dinnerella is about living free and wild. Wild -for life in itself is crazy and unpredictable. Free - because I want to, I need to. I have found that each one of us has an urge, deep down in our hearts - a quest I call it - to find beauty and truth in a perpetually chaotic world. I believe that's God, calling us into a life He has planned for us. 
I also believe in home-cooked meals, and dinners at the table. I'm big on loving on my man, at least the idea of it, even when he's so wrong. I love to create a nest, colorful and eclectic. Cleaning not so much, which means I'm ever on the lookout for ways to shortcut the whole domestic thing. I think children should listen to their mothers, always (will let you know how that's going for me, with 4 teenagers in the house..). I love, love to travel with my family. The times out of my comfortzone have created the best of my memories. 
And I'm all for women finding their own voice. Gentle, with an attitude. 

​So here we go: to words and writing books, lined paper and outside the box. Busy women and clear voices, real food and true talk, you and me.

And to living my life to that one day, the day that my Prince ​​will come...
let's be friends!